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Last week, I watched The core on DVD. It is a sciene-fiction, action ,drama , catastrophic film. The film is 126 minutes long. The film stars Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, Delroy Lindo.

The film is about the terrible disaster that affected the whole makind. Earths core stopped rotating, the electromagnetic field of the planet faded and the country had to be destroyed. The only hope to avert the disaster is to send an elite team of scientists in a special rocket from unobtainium into the earth and then detonate nuclear bombs and once again reactivate the core.

The film was interesting journey through the planet Earth, what pitfalls encountered on the way, and what component is built rocket.

The movie was interesting and I really liked it.

- a stars znamená hrát?

- a mám všude stejný čas nebo ne?

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last week bych dal na konec vety, the film, the film, the film, ... to bych nahradil v It is... Stars = obsazeno, hrát, dal bych všude stejný čas - minulý.

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Considering that you don&rsquot;t know what "starring" is and you&rsquot;e asking about tenses, I think that it&rsquot;s just translated by Google Translate, isn&rsquot;t it? So here is my version:

"The core" is a 2003 American sci-fi disaster film starring Aaron Eckhart, Hilary Swank, and Delroy Lindo.

A strange phenomenon is disturbing the world: The electromagnetic field of the Earth is unstable, causing frequent thunderstorms, making animals act strangely, and causing other problems. Scientists find out that the Earth&rsquot;s core stopped rotating, which could cause a complete loss of the planet&rsquot;s electromagnetic field within a year. The only way to save the world is to somehow get to the core and make it rotate again. A special machine is needed to do this: a multi-compartment nuclear-powered vessel with lasers that can quickly drill through rocks, called "Virgil" (or, in Czech version, "Vergilius"). After a series of problems and death of three members of the team, they finally get to the core... [But they still havent overcome all the problems... - Do the rest yourself.].

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Sorry, I made some typos, a "&rsquot;" is a "’".

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By the way,

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