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Dobrý den,

chtěla bych vás poprosit, jestli by jste mi nezkontrolovali dva úkoly. Byla bych moc ráda. Děkuji.


Recenze filmu

Last month I watched Lepší teď než nikdy on television. Its a drama comedy but is also romantic movie too. The film stars Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton. They are from the USA.

Its story of a lonely rude man. His son has to go to a prison. So the songive her daughter to his dad. The man has to take care of a girl. He doesnt want. However, there is a neighbour - woman. She is helping and slowly changing him. In the end he realizes all of his mistakes and everything what he caused to his family. He fall in love with the neighbour. Then the son returns home. After years everyone is happy. This movie has a lot of funny moments.

The characters are the best aspect. They are super talented and they turn bad film into the perfect one. In my opinion this is a funny movie. Like I said before the acting is the best thing.

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Reklamace - dopis

Dear Ms. Smith

I am writing to report a fault with the television that I bought from your website, Electro Products on 2nd March 2016. I do not believe that I ever will buy something from your company again. It has not been a positive experience for the first time.

First week it worked fine. The picture was right and the sound was right too. After the week the picture is getting darker and the sound has an echo. It happened all of sudden.

I am enclosing the original box with the tv inside and a copy of the receipt for your reference. I would appreciate ot of you could repair the fault or refund my money as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Lucy Gale

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*...I would appreciate it if you could repair...

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Datum: 17.04.16 18:24
Víceméně to jde. Psal bych radši složitější věty, pak normálně it is a ne its, což je něco jinýho, pak by to možná někde chtělo členy, ale to jsou detaily.
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