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Valentina Hermanová

The Alps Eagle

Bělohorská 64

160 00 Prague

Czech Republic

Mr. Johan Garter

Ziller street 31

6290 Arzl im Pitzal


6th June 2015

Dear Mr. Garter,

I am writing to inform you that our travel agency The Alps Eagle recently received some complaint letters from our clients. They were disappointed with the services you provided on the camp-site in Arzl im Pitzal.

We ordered a package for ten people from 18th to 25th April. This package should contain accommodation in tents, dinners with choice of two meals, Czech speaking guide and canoes with equipment. Unfortunately there appear several problems during the stay.

First problem concerned the guide. Not only he did not speak Czech but he also was not acquainted with the area.

Our clients also pointed out the misleading information in your brochure. Instead of tents there were cabins for which they had to pay an extra fee. Moreover the stated canoes were replaced with rafts.

Finally, although we ordered dinners with choice of two meals, there was only one meal. When our clients expressed their discontent, the staff answered that it is not their problem.

In response to these problems our company expect you to pay back the difference between ordered and provided services. You should improve the quality of your services or correct your brochure. Our customers would also appreciate an apology from your company.

We cooperate with you for ten years already and we have never received such a bad feedback to your services. I believe you have some reasonable explanation. However if this situation is going to repeat, we will be forced to end our partnership.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,




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