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Are the world wonders in danger because of tourism?

Amount of tourists in the world grows every year. These enormous numbers of tourist could endanger the world wonders. However the monuments have some level of protection, the mass of holidaymakers are quite thoughtless and irresponsible. People also spend more money on discovering the world beauties which attracts attention of inconsiderate developers and reckless politicians and they are not helping either.

One major disadvantage of modern tourism is commercialisation of touristic localities. The more famous the place is, the more tourists come here. A rising number of tourists requires new highways, hotels, shopping centres and other facilities. Developers usually invest a lot of money into the city infrastructure and that means the politicians also profit from this, so they look away. Due to this fact no one in the high positions care about the environment and surroundings of monuments.

It is argued that there are created new reservations and monuments have higher level of protection. It could be truth but it is needles while exalted people ignore the rules and borders of protected areas.

What is more, modern mass tourism has negative impact on the traditional culture and environment. Sometimes it even leads to destruction of the attractions. It is because tourists do not always respect local traditions, rules in the reservations and their behaviour is not appropriate to the place and situation. For example they can start forest fires, destroy sandstone rocks and increase pollution.

Of course (/On the other hand,) there are some positive aspects of tourism. Tourists bring money which can be invested in the protection and restoration of monuments. Increasing attractiveness of the localities brings attention of different organisations like UNESCO, which are interested in protection of world wonders.

In conclusion, the architectonic and natural monuments are not endangered by tourism itself, but by unconcerned and disrespectful tourists. As I see it, we should think about ourselves and improve our behaviour.



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